Sunday, October 03, 2004

Unclean! Unclean!

Holy shit, I just happened upon this article. Here's a snippet:
Just imagine what would happen at your typical office if menstruating women were allowed to walk around at large. They would go around touching photocopiers and fax machines and pens and things, making them all "filthy" and "unclean" in the words of Leviticus chapter 15. It would be chaos.
Wow. I guess we're fucking up royally allowing these women to "walk around at large." I mean, it says not to in a book that's only been translated and re-translated multiple times, always by people with absolutely no underlying agenda in mind, right? So this goes along with gay marriage, since it says that in the same book. I think I see a future constitutional amendment in the making.

The church site this is on makes for some hysterical reading.

It's all in the Bible!

Link to Density Church site

UPDATE: After reading more of the stories, it appears that this site is parodying the beliefs of hardcore Christian fundamentalists who believe the Bible no matter what. It seemed a little too funny to be real. O well.

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